At Global Tutors and Coaches we believe that one shoe doesn’t fit all and so provide a service that is tailored to the individual needs of each of our students. Here’s how we help all of our students achieve their goals:

  • We offer a free initial assessment using online tools and tests –  it’s just so we know what set to place you in and to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • All of our students are placed in sets and so will be working alongside students of a similar ability.
  • Our Tuition centre has been very creatively designed with modern resources, so that we can cater for many students at any one time. We only have a maximum of 8 students per class – this is to make sure you get the most out of each session and that you don’t feel rushed in any way.
  • All our teachers are UK qualified and teach in local schools – They are very confident with the National Curriculum. Most importantly they will stick with you right up until you finish your exams.
  • We’ll teach you at your own pace, making sure you get the most out of each lesson and understand everything!
  • Regular homework is given so that each students’ knowledge can be tested and a record of their progress kept.
  • Assessments are ongoing at Global Tutors and Coaches.
  • You get to have more and more exam practice – improve on your time keeping skills and develop on dealing under pressure in examinations.
  • We teach using Interactive Whiteboards, using up to date software and PowerPoint presentations and many more resources.

Examinations We Cover

  • Key Stage 1, 2 and 3
  • 10+ and 11+ Exams
  • Common Entrance Exams
  • Scholarship Exams
  • GCSEs
  • A-levels

Our Consulting Services:
Personal Consulting Service for Students:
Our Team of Specialist Consultants specialise in giving students 1 on 1 advice in the following areas:

  • UCAS applications
  • Oxbridge Applications
  • University Choices
  • Course choices at University
  • A-level Choices
  • Examination Techniques
  • Personal Statement Advice
  • Student Counselling
  • Interview Preparation

We provide an in depth assessment of each and every student’s academic background and potential. We also provide them with mock interviews and discuss ways in which they can strengthen their applications. A written report is then provided to follow up on our recommendations. For more information on our Personal Consulting Services for Students please contact us.

What is 11 plus?
The 11+ exam is a test given to 11 year old pupils, in their final year of primary school. In class year terms this would be year 6 for pupils in England and year 7 for Northern Ireland. 11+ exams are used as a selection tool to determine whether a pupil is suited to the academic rigor that entry into a top grammar or independent school entails. For most grammar and independent schools the 11+ exam is the only selection criteria. Entering a child for the 11+ exam is a choice parents should make with their eyes wide open, they should be fully aware that only pupils in the top 10 per cent have any chance of getting into the best grammar and independent schools. Schools with an excellent academic record are in a position to “cherry pick” the best candidates.

Homework will be given on a regular basis.  The idea is that you may ask for as much homework as you want but within sensible levels. All homework is marked and returned in the next lesson.

After school club
Global Tutors and Coaches provide the ideal place to look after your child and to give you the free time you need. We are open from 3:25 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday during term time. No need to rush from work to pick up your child at school for 3:20 pm every day. Simply collect your child at any time before 6:00 pm. We are able to take children from age 4 – 11 years. We offer…

  • A choice of nutritious snacks and drinks on arrival
  • A Homework club session
  • Wide range of indoor activities and variety of board games